With the implementation of a preliminary study, U-Space carries out a detailed analysis of your mission to determine its technical and financial feasibility.

Reduce the risks

We effectively define multiple scénarios for your mission. We study and visualize all the possible parameter combinations to estimate optimally the technical feasibility and the achievable performance levels of your project. With the help of our skilled team and our established network of professionals, we reduce technical uncertainties linked to your project by increasing the quality of the system specifications.

Reduce the design

We also have developed Utopia, our own parametric study software, in order to reduce the analysis time whilst maintaining a full and precise picture of your mission. Utopia concentrates a large set of precise functions and calculations via qualified and validated libraries. Our reliable software allows us to save time on the mission analysis due to its numerous functions and correlations developed within the software.

Utopia :

a multi-discipline tool

Furthermore, the tests carried out thanks to our software cover multiple disciplines like power architecture, thermal control, flight mechanics, attitude and orbit control, etc. Indeed, Utopia integrates libraries and existing business softwares such as Thermica, Patrius/Orekit, and Celestlab, for example.


Bring your project to life

After completion of this study, we provide you with a deliverable as well as a detailed presentation including a development plan, an acquisition cost, and a commissioning calendar. This plan development system enables the precise validation of each technical aspect of your mission, in order to clearly visualize your space project, by eliminating uncertainties or technical doubts associated with the mission. This complete, technical, and financial file helps you to convince funders. Additionally, we help you through formalities and procedures, and put you in touch with the network of european space investors.

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