U-Space guarantees an impeccable quality of service, with a modular, high-technology product.

let’s design your
space system

We accompany you through the design and construction of a complete space system. As a result of our joint effort, we identify your needs and concentrate the engineering time on the design of technologies that are specific to your mission. In other words, we design the nanosatellite and its ground segment, we develop the flight software and the control algorithms. We produce, integrate and test the system until it is launched into orbit.

Receive your
satellite quickly

U-Space ensures the delivery of your space system quickly. As a matter of fact, we reduce the global design time by using already designed and validated technological bricks that allow a faster definition of the architecture of your system.

Hybride Simulator : validate complex scenarios

Our hybrid simulator software enables us to validate complex algorithms through a hardware-in-the-loop simulation environment. In addition to our high-performance tools, we reduce the production time of the nanosatellite, thanks to the automation of our assembly process and the automation of our tests. Also, we reduce your workload by accompanying you through each stage, including the administrative procedures linked to the launch of a nanosatellite.


The guarantee of
an operational system

We apply a high requirement level on the quality of our components and softwares. We test and validate all the equipment that we use. Hence, we have defined an assured product specific to industrial nanosatellites. This ensures the quality control of our procedures, the measured control of the level of risk, as well as the security and the reliability of our platforms. In addition to that, we implement a certain amount of international standards and norms (CCSDS), as well as european standards and norms (ECSS), that are specific to the space industry.

An end-to-end service

Finally, we reduce your workload by accompanying you through administrative procedures linked to the launch of a nanosatellite. Therefore, you can simply launch your space infrastructure U-Space integrates you fully in its conception procedure in order to work together and allow you to experience a true space adventure.

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